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Cardinals Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Photo by: Chris Morrison/US Presswire

It’s dark outside, but I did yoga earlier this morning. I almost wrote early, but I think some folks might object to calling 10am early. Anyhoo, after hitting snooze a bajillion times, I finally got up and went to Inner Vision. Jeff’s class was full (I think), but I was thinking I might want to do the Level 1 class anyway, which I did and it was a really good class and I liked the instructor and practice a lot.

My purple mat is still open on the floor of my living room from last night appearing to beckon as if I’ve yet to do yoga. So after walking by it for the umpteenth time, I decided to come back here and write this post and the next time (or two) that I pass by it, I’ll roll it up and put it in the closet where it belongs.

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Photo by: Jennie Rehbinder

I’m glad to be back in my own home for the first time in two weeks. I’m glad I took the time to clean and do the dishes before I left. I’m glad I took the time to unpack both my suitcase and the dishwasher within an hour of returning home. I’m glad I just took a nice long hot shower. I even like the woodsy scent of the latest “as seen on tv” product I’ve bought to combat my cracked and peeling heels. Note to self though…apply heel remedy after doing yoga.

Practice tonight was familiar cast of poses and a very relaxing ending in savasana, which I skip way too often. I could feel my body subtly realigning itself into what was probably straightness, but felt unfamiliar and crooked. I still want to skip it everyday, but thankfully it’s a good habit that I’ve grown accustomed to doing.

"Peace On Earth" painting by Renie Britenbucher

I don’t know how else to describe my 20 minute yoga practice tonight. I was torn between feeding my belly and doing yoga. Thankfully the forces of good won out. I popped in guru Jeff and kinda did a modified Jeffney practice tonight.

What was so superduperiffic about it is that I was actually present. I wasn’t planning my escape. I wasn’t worried about having homework to do. I was just doing yoga, breathing, stretching, building strength and challenging my body, while my mind stayed mostly still. Man…I’ve missed that.

Red Velvet Cupcake from Saweet Cupcakes, San Antonio, TX

My yoga practice tonight was short and sweet…like me…well, sweeter than that…more like a Sprinkles cupcake.

European Space Agency, NASA and Robert A.E. Fosbury (European Space Agency/Space Telescope-European Coordinating Facility, Germany)

“It’s late…time for bed…so I sit and I wait for that gin and tonic to go to your head….”

One word cued that lyric…it had nothing to do with yoga or the entirely unremarkable mini-practice I just did. That’s all folks….I’m either going to bed or to study or to worship at the altar of Matthew Bomer.

11/25/2009 | First Day....first chair ! | Photographer: Larry Pierce

I waited as long as I possibly could to do yoga tonight, being all full o’ turkey and delicious homemade strawberry cupcakes like I was.  Just before I got on the mat I was all “This is dumb.  I don’t wanna do yoga.  I’m sick of this…[insert unoriginal whine here].”  But as per usual, once I got to doing it, it actually felt good.  Plus I think it’s helping to digest the feast a little.   That said, it was a brief practice and I’m glad it’s done.

Shaun Ellis, Maverick Wolf Researcher

It’s cold in Phoenix…meaning it’s 57 degrees outside and only 70 inside my house. I tell you this because (1) I think it’s funny considering where I moved here from and (2) because I did yoga tonight dressed like it was winter in Norway, covered in fleece from head to toe.

I’m sure that 70 degrees (21 C) is the dog days of summer to a Norwegian, but as I have completely gone native in Phoenix, I was cold starting out my practice. I actually had it as a back pocket reason for doing a short practice.

I popped in my new friend Rodney and started doing the do. Next thing I know I was 10 minutes in, then 16 and then I decided to just go the full 20. By the end of it I was so warm I had to take off my trusty blue fleece.

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red light
I just did 22 minutes to guru Jeff’s DVD, which was great as usual. I’m so tired from staying up late last night that I almost took a nap at a red light on the way home from school. The yoga definitely helped to both ground and mellow me out. But when I came to after savasana, I noticed that it felt like the left side of my body was longer and more relaxed than the right side. Not sure why or what that means. Perhaps someone with more insight into those kinds of things can help me out. Peace y’all.

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Aurora Borealis in Alaska. Photo credit: Joshua Strang

I just did Ripley’s advanced 25 minute neck series and all I can say is….aaaahhhhh!
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LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 22:   A new sculpture by Anish Kapoor 'Tall Tree and the Eye' is displayed in the courtyard of The Royal Academy on September 22, 2009 in London. The Anish Kapoor exhibition runs from September 26 to December 11, 2009 at The Royal Academy. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 22: A new sculpture by Anish Kapoor 'Tall Tree and the Eye' is displayed in the courtyard of The Royal Academy on September 22, 2009 in London. The Anish Kapoor exhibition runs from September 26 to December 11, 2009 at The Royal Academy. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

It’s after midnight, but there’s nothing evil lurking in the dark (except that little scorpion that’s still unaccounted for). I just finished a hip-opening practice and still have Nickel Creek’s “Sweet Afton” playing in the background.

I’m a little burnt from my academic endeavors today, but I will take the time to note a couple yoga achievements. First off, I can now lean all the way forward and rest my forehead on the floor from a seated cross-legged position. This was not the case a few months ago. Also, my (admittedly large) forehead comes within 2-3 inches of my knees in a seated straight-legged forward bend.

And finally, I sat the most wonderful, peaceful, elongating, centering half-lotus at the end of my practice tonight that I didn’t want to get up. I should try an entire 15 minute practice of sitting half-lotus and see what happens. I will report back to you when I do.

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