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It’s dark outside, but I did yoga earlier this morning. I almost wrote early, but I think some folks might object to calling 10am early. Anyhoo, after hitting snooze a bajillion times, I finally got up and went to Inner Vision. Jeff’s class was full (I think), but I was thinking I might want to do the Level 1 class anyway, which I did and it was a really good class and I liked the instructor and practice a lot.

My purple mat is still open on the floor of my living room from last night appearing to beckon as if I’ve yet to do yoga. So after walking by it for the umpteenth time, I decided to come back here and write this post and the next time (or two) that I pass by it, I’ll roll it up and put it in the closet where it belongs.

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Photo credit: Just Chaos

Photo credit: Just Chaos

I went to guru Jeff’s class in Tempe again this morning and same me, same body, but totally different class and totally different experience. He was great as usual, and the class was all about “radical responsibility”. He kept on telling stories and vignettes about how stuff happens in life and you choose how you react to it. You can either react as a victim and make excuses or be responsible.

Within the context of the class, you could either blame the reason you couldn’t hold a pose on your mat being too slick (that’s what I was thinking) or your hands being too greasy from having lotioned up with vaseline (again, my thought) or because the person next to you is in your space or whatever.

It was a very mentally challenging practice. As I went in this morning my toes were still tingling and numbish from dancing in high heels and my thighs a bit sore from the same. I had pretty much already decided that I probably wasn’t going to do all that well today and seriously considered doing the level 1 class instead of Jeff’s class.
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“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”   – Mother Theresa

Finally made it to guru Jeff’s class today(with Gia) and it was awesome. I’d say it was one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever done. I was nervous going in, because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the stamina, strength or balance to keep up.

When I first got in the room to put down my mat, I noticed there were some seriously hard core looking yoginis doing all kinds of contortions just during the warm up part. I felt like I was at an audition or something and started doing silly stretches that I normally don’t do to warm up.

Then when guru Jeff showed up it was like…OMG..there he is in the flesh….and he brought his guitar.  He played and we sang along to the Mother Theresa quote at the top of the page. Then he started talking.

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grand canyon rainbow
I’d love to post a long post about my yoga practice and how I actually held that ardha chandrasana (starfish) pose on my right leg for a brief moment today, but I’ve got tons more reading to do about Pinko Commies like Karl Marx, Frederich Engels and WEB DuBois. Also, there is a plan afoot to go to THE guru Jeff’s yoga class in Tempe this Sunday from 10:00 – 11:25am. All are welcomed to join us for the field trip.

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