Turns out the penultimate post of 2009 was actually the last post of the year. I was not prepared for how expensive internet access would be on the cruise so I opted to facebook my updates. Besides I boogied pretty hard on NYE and did not have enough of a signal or compensating commitment to do yoga.

Alas, I’m back on terra firma now and did a little set of gentle yoga with my Aunt and Cousin in my mom’s living room. It was simple and good, but I’m ready to get back to my own corner of the world and resume the regularly scheduled programming of my life.


This is my penultimate post of 2009…and I believe I have 60 days left in the “year” (but who’s counting?). I waited until very late to do my yoga practice again, but more out of ordinary procrastination than willfull resisting, so I’ll call that progress.

Also, I have been remiss in not mentioning that far from being a rogue mat-deprived period of yoga, I have had access to two mats. One mat belongs to my mother (who knew?) and the other was a Christmas present from an attentive reader of this blog (thanks!).

Tonight’s practice was a Jeff/Ripley hybrid, with some serious crunches in the middle. I could hear Jeff’s voice in my head urging me to ignore whatever sensations I might be feeling as those would soon pass. Truth be told, it was the only thing that got me from numbers 15 thru 25. That’s all…now I have to go catch a sleep before I wake up to head off on our New Year’s Eve cruise tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

The title is pre-practice (and it stays). As for the actual practice: pigeon pose, down dog, half lotus, plank/straight arm push ups, cat/cow, child’s pose for about 10 minutes. Of course I resisted doing it yet again today.

As I was finishing up tonight, I wondered to myself why I even bother going through the theatrics of resisting. Five minutes goes by before I even know it and 10 minutes is practically effortless. And if I’m following along to a dvd or class fuhgedaboutit….time just flies.

But human beings are funny, I suppose, and not nearly as rational as some social theorists and economists like to belive.

Another night. More resistance. But still more yoga. Not a particularly remarkable practice, though I did throw in a few plank to straight arm push ups that I saw Michael Strahan do in an informercial. Challenging and felt like a good workout, but I only did a few.

As I find myself on the way downhill side of the bell curve of this process, I am finding it so hard to keep motivated. It was all I could do not to just give up tonight. It’s such a familiar feeling. I felt like this during mid-terms and again to a lesser extent around finals…and at many times previously. I’ve never been a particularly strong finisher.

I also know that being saturated in all the sugar and carbohydrates from Christmas eating isn’t helping my mental outlook any. It just doesn’t seem like it’s making the difference it was when I was pushing myself more and seeing myself in the ginormous mirrored doors of my mom’s linen closet is NOT helping.

Must. Stop. Whining. Anyway, I did 10 mins tonight of what looked like yoga, but sure didn’t feel like it.

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I just did my yoga practice to a Fit TV episode that had commercials in the middle of it. Weird. I just kept on doing the same sun-moon series during the commercial and then joined the program already in progress when it returned from the commercial break in a completely different pose. It was still probably more effective than doing some random self-generated yoga practice. I’ve got to get back to a real class and soon.

Today is day 300 of this little project and while I’ve missed two days of yoga, I have posted every single day either here or to facebook. So that’s 99.3% compliance on the yoga aspect and 100% compliance on the blog aspect. Tonight, on Christmas night I’m 1 and 1. Not bad at all.

Photo by: Lori Writer

I was feeling a little soft in the middle after a few days of uninspired late night yoga. Coupled with the fact that my mother has been baking non-stop since I got here, it was not a good combo. So it felt good to hold plank extra long in my sun salutations and then follow up with another 6 minutes of just ab work. I like the taught feel of my abdominals as I’m sitting here typing.

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We’ve got to stop meeting like this at this hour. What would I do without the last minute? Anyhoo, just took a quick 6 to do some seated breathing in sukhasana and a few sun sals. I’ve wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents tonight in this really lovely candy cane-like wrapping paper. I like it so much I wish I had more stuff to wrap.

If my yoga practice tonight had a UPC barcode it would be MRYFB12 which translates to 12 minutes of a modified Ripley Yoga for Bleeders.

I crashed out after my flight and running some errands with my Mom. I got up, all dazed and cornfused, then collected myself enough to go do yoga in the living room.

I didn’t bring my mat with me, so it’s going to be all rogue yoga for the next couple weeks. Sarah P. would be proud.

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