Observation Point, Zion National Park, UT

I didn’t realize it had been ten days since my last yoga practice and post until a friend pointed out the date to me.  I wasn’t even sure of that until I checked my cell phone just now.  One day turned into two, which snowballed into ten.  Ironically my yoga mat has been laying wide open on the floor in my living room and I just keep maneuvering around it.

I should read Consequences II again; it wasn’t an optimistic post as I recall.  I think I decided that since all the work I’d put into this could be rolled back in such a short period of time, it wasn’t worth doing anymore.  Childish and reactionary, I know.

I didn’t plan to stop doing this project.  It just kinda happened.  I meant to start back after the 2nd day, but I didn’t and it became less and less important.  It didn’t even tug at me.  Kinda like the last time you kiss someone, sometimes you don’t realize it’s the last kiss until all of a sudden a lot of time has gone by.

This may very well be the final post; but then again, maybe not.  It’s fair to say, though, that the spell, the magic has been broken.  On February 27, 2009 a thought flashed across my mind to do five minutes of yoga and a one line blog post every day for a year starting on March 1st.  With  a few exceptions I did that and then some until January 13, 2010.  Not quite a year, but not too bad either.

It’s more than served its purpose and beyond.  I meant it to alter the trajectory of my health and fitness and that’s certainly been accomplished.  My once painful shoulder is now completely healed.  My once gimpy ankle is much stronger.  My eating habits are a lot healthier than they were and almost all the weight that I’d gained over the holidays is actually miraculously gone.  All that worry for nothing.

Even my freshly deep-conditioned hair is healthier and my skin is starting to look better than it has in ages.   I also truly know myself as a disciplined person now, which has served me well as I balance graduate school, work and life.  I’ve made friends and developed new dimensions in older relationships.  That interplay has been the most surprising, fun and fulfilling aspect.

I’m not clear where this will lead next, but I’m certainly not done with yoga and maybe not with blogging either.  Perhaps I knew that the time to transition was coming and started to get a glimpse of the new world over the horizon.  Perhaps I got off the trail too soon.  But it’s done.  What I was doing for the last few weeks lacked real integrity and I knew it.  What’s next is yet to be clearly defined.

I’ll let you know, one way or another as soon as I do.  Thanks for joining me along the way.  It’s meant a great deal more than I could adequately express.