Over the past two years I’ve expanded my capacity for dealing with what needs to be dealt with – facing the piper, if you will. I’ve also, mercifully, developed my capacity for humility – going broke’ll do that to a person. So today, after an extended holiday season of indulgence, I got back on the scale to discover I’d only gained six pounds.

Six pounds. Old me probably would be dramatically disappointed in myself for taking a step backwards. Current me…not so much. Which is not to say I wasn’t scared to get on the scale, but I thought it’d be worse, so six pounds seems pretty good to me.

Plus, the conditions that had me put on half a pants size are gone and I’m not about to recreate them. My regularly scheduled programming doesn’t include three different kinds of dessert laying around the house and 24hr buffets. Plus my normal eating habits really have changed. Ergo, I fret not.

Heck, it’s barely noon fifteen and I’ve already done 15 minutes with guru Jeff and have scheduled to do the final class of the pkg this Sunday before the playoffs.

I got a feelin’ whoo hoo….2010’s gonna be a great year.