This is my penultimate post of 2009…and I believe I have 60 days left in the “year” (but who’s counting?). I waited until very late to do my yoga practice again, but more out of ordinary procrastination than willfull resisting, so I’ll call that progress.

Also, I have been remiss in not mentioning that far from being a rogue mat-deprived period of yoga, I have had access to two mats. One mat belongs to my mother (who knew?) and the other was a Christmas present from an attentive reader of this blog (thanks!).

Tonight’s practice was a Jeff/Ripley hybrid, with some serious crunches in the middle. I could hear Jeff’s voice in my head urging me to ignore whatever sensations I might be feeling as those would soon pass. Truth be told, it was the only thing that got me from numbers 15 thru 25. That’s all…now I have to go catch a sleep before I wake up to head off on our New Year’s Eve cruise tomorrow. I can hardly wait.