I got out of bed to the sound of raindrops this morning, but as lovely and romantic as that sounds,  I mostly don’t appreciate rain.  In fact, I find it somewhat personally offensive.  Nevertheless, I got on my yoga mat, turned on guru Jeff’s dvd and was about to begin, but I couldn’t.  The clash of his soothing voice and the relentless downpour of water was too much and I opted for the rain instead of the Jeff.

So, with that as my soundtrack I did about 20 minutes, which included a vigorous sun salutation set followed by some seriously divine chanting.  I rarely chant, but as I sat in half lotus, legs folded, heart open, I felt like chanting.  I started with the loneliest, most tentative sounding ‘om’ ;  it was like the sound of walking in high heels for the first time.

This is weird, but it seemed from within that it was only coming from the right side of my head/ brain/ nose/ mouth.  Yet, as I kept taking deeper and deeper breaths, pushing the air up and out with my diaphragm, the sound became not only louder, but literally fuller.  It was pretty awesome, and as pure a moment of now as I’ve experienced in a while.  Half lotus and chanting – what a combo.

by the way, if you didn’t already click on it, there’s a treat buried in the hotlink in the first paragraph. Enjoy.