Shaun Ellis, Maverick Wolf Researcher

It’s cold in Phoenix…meaning it’s 57 degrees outside and only 70 inside my house. I tell you this because (1) I think it’s funny considering where I moved here from and (2) because I did yoga tonight dressed like it was winter in Norway, covered in fleece from head to toe.

I’m sure that 70 degrees (21 C) is the dog days of summer to a Norwegian, but as I have completely gone native in Phoenix, I was cold starting out my practice. I actually had it as a back pocket reason for doing a short practice.

I popped in my new friend Rodney and started doing the do. Next thing I know I was 10 minutes in, then 16 and then I decided to just go the full 20. By the end of it I was so warm I had to take off my trusty blue fleece.

One more thing. I’m sore from yesterday’s practice, especially between and underneath my shoulder blades, which I find odd. It’s all good though, I suppose. It means I’m getting stronger or I did worked out hard or did something right…it’s something good (right?).