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I just got a new yoga DVD from Netflix, Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga – Total Body Workout and popped it in tonight. I did the first 20 minutes, which was mostly sun sals, warriors I & II and the triangle series, but at a good-paced clip.

After I stopped I laid down to do savasana and I could feel my heart pumping some serious blood. I didn’t need an anatomy lesson to know that my heart is located slightly to the left beginning at the sternum and resting just behind and under the left breast. Wow. That was a good workout.

In other news…I just responded to a comment on a recent post and in doing so looked back at some of my very earliest posts. I was astonished by the difference this practice has made in my physical capabilities and also my overall discipline.

I also wrote some really cool stuff back in March, when I was in my Cillian Murphy/ I love all things Irish phase.

I’m so much stronger physically. My right shoulder, which was so jacked up at the beginning of this project that I couldn’t even do a push up or reach under my bed, is fully healed. I rarely even think about it. I can touch my palms flat on the floor in a forward bend (after I’m warmed up) and my forehead is just a few inches from my knees during the same.

TRAVEL Wonders 4

Oh and this next part may be TMI, so click away now if you’re squeamish, but I have the bladder control of a whatever kind of being has superb bladder control. For those who ‘knew me when’, that is a huuuge deal and it’s all because of yoga….oh and I’ve dropped a little over 20lbs since July. That’s not directly attributable to yoga, but the discipline gained here, the attention on being fit and healthy has translated into vastly different, healthy, satisfying eating habits that is certainly a result of my yoga practice.

It’s late and I think I’m just rambling now, but the takeaway message is that Yoga is powerful and I have to stop and take a look in the rearview mirror every now and then, to fully appreciate just how much.