First Friday

First Friday, Phoenix. Photo Credit:Jeremiah Toller/Special for the Republic

Someone is a big fan of Anish Kapoor and uses that search term to find my blog regularly. Cute. It’s sorta the second coming of alien face.

Anyhoo…I just got finished doing a modified 20 minute set to Mr. Jeff Marten’s DVD, which is great as always. Now I’ve got a bunch of reading and laundry to do, which will make for an uneventful Saturday night in.

Also in other news, I found another one of these in my kitchen the other night trying to make its way under the oven. I killed it to death with the book I was complaining about having to read and write a 15pg paper on, so it actually came in handy. Between that and the great time I had at First Friday last night, I’m pretty ready to blow the West Side and move downtown.