lonely forest
I’m not sure how long my yoga practice was just now. I’m guessing somewhere in the 15 minute range. I only meant to do five, because once again I’m beat and feel drained.

As a matter of fact, new rules…Anything above 5 minutes is gravy from here on out. My major goal at this point is to transition from the temporary construct of this project into something that is a sustainable life-long practice that fosters a habit of health and fitness. That means lower frequency with longer duration, e.g. going to a 60 to 90 minute class 4-5 times a week. That’s what I’ve got to figure out and that’s what I’m interested in.

Right now though, I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed by school. I’m not really having much in the way of fun in life and I can’t quite get the point of what I’m doing. It’s something like an escape coupled with a hope that this [school/my life/my future] will turn into something more secure and worthwhile sometime in the uncertain future. Right now though it’s just completely unfulfilling.

I have to write this 15 page paper about a book I hated, relating theories of justice to a novel set in Louisiana in the 1830’s. Why? Why? Why? I so did not need to read another novel about black people getting their asses beat or their dignity stomped on. I really could have lived my whole life without reading another such account.

And now I have to relate it to modern justice theory. Why? What is the freaking point of that? I’m so annoyed and my freaking uterus has been a pain all day too. Why the hell did that thing come factory-installed? Ok…this just turned into a major whine and probably the worst yoga blog post ever. My apologies for the teen journal entry. At least I used capitals and some punctuation.