sushi knife
This is one of the best yoga practices I’ve done in a while.  I actually practiced, rather than ‘did’ yoga tonight.  It was a stripped down, back to basics practice with an emphasis on “sharpening the knife” rather than cutting fancy radish roses.  And it happened completely by accident.

I was tired (still am) and was planning on doing a “paging dr. savasana” routine, i.e. lying down on my back and calling it yoga.  As it turns out, I just started to breathe, and then began to notice and follow my breath and just kept deepening that practice, through a series of mellow moves.

But that’s what it’s about asana…pranayama…to sit or dwell in stillness.  It’s just what I needed tonight and what’s been missing in some of my practices of late…just to sharpen the knife.

knife close up

And now for something completely different….. My aunt sent me this joke in an email and it made me laugh out loud harder than I have in a couple days.  I hop you’re similarly amused.



A passenger in a taxi leaned over to ask the driver a question and tapped him on the shoulder. The driver screamed, lost control of the cab, nearly hit a bus, drove up over the curb, and stopped just inches from a large plate glass window.

For a few moments everything was silent in the cab, and then the still shaking driver said, ‘I’m sorry, but you scared the daylights out of me.’

The frightened passenger apologized to the driver and said he didn’t realize a mere tap on the shoulder could frighten him so much.

The driver replied, ‘No, no, I’m sorry, it’s entirely my fault. Today is my first day driving a cab.    I’ve been driving a hearse for the last 25 years.’