Ripley Aliens

I’m not wearing my contacts right now, which means I”m squinting with my face about 10 inches from the monitor, so bear with me.  I just finished a Jeff routine, which was a welcomed break from all the freelance and Ripley stuff I’ve been doing.  Not to be too dramatic, but I’m pretty sure my DVD spontaneously spat out the Ripley DVD when I walked by it, before I even hit the open/close button.

Anyhoo, it was a good, almost aerobic portion of the DVD and it felt nice to feel my blood pumping as I lay in savasana.  I know this is probably heretical, but I rarely end  my practices in savasana.  Sometimes I end in child’s pose or sitting half-lotus, but when every minute counts, corpse pose seems like cheating.  Nevertheless, Ive been adding it of late.  I guess it can’t hurt to score points for playing dead.