Japanese Midget Submarine WWII

I am worn out.  I subbed for a 2nd grade class today and if ever I thought I might want to have children I was cured of said idea today.  They just have far too much energy for me and they sucked me dry like little energetic vampires.

I tell you this because I’m so beat to hell that I was all ready to blow off yoga and be justified and blame it on them, and argue that I’d already pushed myself far enough today.  Mind you, that’s all true, but then I had this one thought that it might actually settle my mind or my nervous system to do yoga.  So I did my 15 anyway.

I don’t say this in any kind of triumphant way, the way I might have in the past.  It’s almost crazy that I’m this bedraggled and still forcing myself to do stuff like re- grade papers (damn you Dr. Quan and your horrible communication skills!) and do yoga, when it was all I could do driving home to not pull a Meg Ryan in City of Angels.

Anyway the yoga may or may not have helped, but I am still dead tired and off to bed.

By the way, the title is an actual quote delivered as serious complaint of injustice from one of the fidgety 8 year olds in class today.  Only the name has been changed to protect the innocent.  Multiply that by 1000 times and that was my day.