Muscoid House Fly.  Photo by:  Charles B. Krebs

Muscoid House Fly. Photo by: Charles B. Krebs

Sleepy. That’s what I am right now.   I’m very sleepy.  I’m not being hypnotized, just sleepy from a long day and not enough sleep last night, because of my procrastinating ways.

Anyhoo, just finished my set….am still kinda bored with it and conjuring up the next level of challenge.  Adding on an extra few minutes isn’t going to do the trick.  I think more actual classes is what’s needed, but driving 30 minutes to yoga once a week is plenty.

There’s a Bikram studio out here on the West Side [insert gangster signs here] that has a 10 day unlimited class pass for $20, which would be a do-able short-term fix.   The class is at 9:00am M-F and has a couple 3p classes on the day where I go to school early, so I could definitely do it.  But it’s a short-term fix and

I’m worried about getting hooked and then getting cut off, cuz I don’t have the spare $155 for an unlimited monthly.  And the whole thing with Bikram is that they recommend you do it every day for 60 days to get started.  Now that would be something else.   We’ll see.  I’m also open to suggestions.