Going to guru Jeff’s class yesterday has pretty much ruined me for all other forms of practicing yoga right now.  Were I not a dedicated grown up/ grad student with all the attendant responsibilities, I would get myself a VW bus and follow him from class to class.  Of course that would merely entail taking trips from one Phoenix suburb (Tempe) to another (Chandler), but you get my drift.

Point being, the practice yesterday is still reverberating with me physically, mentally and spiritually.  The physical manifestation is in various sensations that have been migrating from first my lower back to now my mid back.  The mental part is that he said that we might notice physical discomfort during and after the practice.  He invited us to just be present to it, welcome the sensation as an indicator of aliveness and awareness rather than as something to be resisted or eliminated.  The spiritual part has been the struggle to take that on, while noticing that as I let my back “ache” be, it traveled to my mid back and once I let that be, we’ll see what else develops.  Actually, I do notice some tightness in my abdominal area, but that feels good.

Tonight during my practice, which was to a portion his DVD , I noticed “sensations” when doing certain poses.  I caught myself wanting to label the sensations as pain and interpret that as a sign to limit myself.  But for the most part I just moved through it and I was fine.  The one pose I did modify, it seemed like the right thing to do there too.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print tonight.   More manana.