“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”   – Mother Theresa

Finally made it to guru Jeff’s class today(with Gia) and it was awesome. I’d say it was one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever done. I was nervous going in, because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the stamina, strength or balance to keep up.

When I first got in the room to put down my mat, I noticed there were some seriously hard core looking yoginis doing all kinds of contortions just during the warm up part. I felt like I was at an audition or something and started doing silly stretches that I normally don’t do to warm up.

Then when guru Jeff showed up it was like…OMG..there he is in the flesh….and he brought his guitar.  He played and we sang along to the Mother Theresa quote at the top of the page. Then he started talking.

He wove the theme of finding your heart, finding the joy in the moment and focusing on that rather than fear and having the joy multiply instead of the fear multiply throughout the practice. He kept having us return to and check in with expanding our inner capacity to experience the moment, to choose joy, happiness or pleasantness as we stretched ourselves physically. And he was funny too.

About 15 minutes into the class we’re doing some transition from down dog or something and then he casually instructs us to go into ardha chandransa, which is that pose that I’ve been practicing all week and mostly flailing at. My first reaction was “oh no!”, but I just grabbed a block,  reached out and up and held the pose for 10 seconds on each side, no problem – a minor miracle.

I had a couple wobbles, but overall, I pretty much did the whole 85 minute practice as instructed and managed to smile, chuckle a bunch, and hold some hella fierce warrior II’s.  I did poses I’d never done before that I didn’t think I could do and I did stuff I have done before with more ease and depth.  I loved the experience.

Pretty much after I held ardha chandrasana, I was freed up and at ease – present to being grateful for my life, my friends and family, my body, people, music, the ocean, just being there. He even played Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”, which is a song I love.

Needless to say, I’m going back. I bought a 5 class pass and will be spending my next several Sunday mornings getting my yoga on with guru Jeff at Inner Vision Yoga in Tempe.