Granite Coast, Brittany, France

Granite Coast, Brittany, France

Popped in the same dvd set again today and was noticeably more solid in ardha chandrasana than I was just yesterday. I think I’m going to keep doing that set for a little while until I can hold that pose with confidence.

Oh…and in other non-yoga news, I had heard about this Asian market that sold oxtail and other Jamaican seasonings and I finally went over there today. It’s called Lee Lee Oriental Market and it’s a big grocery store with all manner of vegetables, seasonings and pickled stuff you’d expect to find in a place like that.

The thing I liked best and the reason I drove out of my way to go there tonight was because I wanted fresh seafood…and I wasn’t disappointed. I got fresh whole red snapper (5.49/lb) (the tropical kind like in Jamaica, not a pacific rockfish type) and cooked crawfish ($2.49/lb), though they also had live. I also got peeled fresh shrimp and some pork ribs.

They had live lobsters ($11.99/lb), live oysters, live catfish, live blue crab and some really fresh looking grouper steaks and Atlantic salmon fillets. I fried up the snapper for dinner tonight and I will definitely be returning for more yummy stuff. mmmmmm……