Flesh Was Weak for This Today Too

Flesh Was Weak for This Today Too

Whew! Thank the gods for half-lotus pose. I was on a foul-mouthed tirade about yoga, the perils of free food, having to get up early and cleaning my house until I got on my mat tonight.

Then I switched to silent cursing with my mind spinning about what were the easiest poses I could do in exactly 15 minutes. About half way in I was starting to get into it a little more, even deciding to add a short set of some challenging ab exercises.

I said to myself “self…let’s just do 10 of these.” So I laid back on my mat, legs together and stretched out, arms up and by my ears preparing to do roll ups. I brought my arms forward, which usually causes my shoulders to lift off the mat, engaging my abs until I’m sitting up and curled over my legs. Oh no. Not tonight. I could not get any cooperation south of the the arms and there was no curling up. For the mind was willing, but the flesh was having no part of it.

I just laughed out loud and switched to a different, though perhaps equally or more challenging exercise, the bicycle ab exercise for 50 reps.

But it wasn’t until I sat half-lotus at the end of the 15 minutes that the noise finally subsided, and I started to feel like a human being again, one who actually practices yoga at least. Peace of mind, sponsored by half-lotus.