radiant flower

Tonight’s practice was almost all about on opening up my hips, pelvic girdle with a focus on core strength, stability and flexibility. During one asana, I felt my left hip release so much it literally made me swoon. It was either that or the close up freeze frame of Ralph Fiennes on my TV…I kid…it was definitely the hip releasing. Though truth be told, Ralph has been my go-to yoga room decoration of late.

Of note: The focus on hips definitely made a difference. By the end of my practice (20-25mins), I was able to sit in a seated position with my legs bent, but not crossed and lean forward until my head was resting comfortably on the back of my stacked palms. That’s about 5-6 inches lower than when I started.

Also, my half lotus at the end was like yoga calendar epic. I wasn’t quite pulling on my big toe with my opposite hand, but that the thought was even a consideration is saying something.

Lastly – savasana. In savasana as my little monkey mind raced, calmed down and then did twirls, I had this sensation that felt like my pelvic bowl dumping out water over my left ilium…kinda like you’d bail out a boat, but artsy like. It was very vivid – dynamic and colorful even. Pretty cool stuff. More tomorrow.