Photo credit:  Jonathan and Angela/ Getty Images

Photo credit: Jonathan and Angela/ Getty Images

That’s my new world ranking on BrickBreaker, up from 97500 ish that I posted a month or two ago. I decided on that title after I got my new high score, since I was playing during the time that my BlackBerry said I should be doing yoga.

What a difference 20 minutes of yoga makes. I am a human being transformed by a meditative practice unlike any I’ve ever done. The last 5 minutes was so good. Good like finally arriving at a beach to find you’re the only ones there…Good like the view from the top of the mountain after a long hike…Good like reading a book on a porch with a cup of your favorite drink….Good like the feel of wet grass between your toes. You get the picture.

I just started grooving to my energy field, which I could feel about 8 to 12 inches from my physical body and kept guiding the energy from the ground up to my crown and then back down. I feel relaxed, grounded and close in. Until tomorrow.

The Lion sleeps tonight. Rest in peace.