Detail of Stained Glass Pane by Sarah Stanbury & Virginia Raguin

Detail of Stained Glass Pane. Photo by S. Stanbury & V. Raguin

Faithful readers of this blog might recall my fascination with pain. I read an article the other day about NFL players and the level of training that they do. The gist of it was that as elite athletes they simply live with pain and even come to embrace it. A quote from the article has stuck with me ever since. One NFL gym apparently has a placard hanging in it which reads “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

After cataloging my list of amateur c-league aches and pains yesterday, I guess I’ll subscribe if only cause it sounds cool. I will say that five weeks into the ankle rehab experiment, my left ankle seems to have more range of motion and feels freer and stronger. This is especially surprising since a week or so ago it was feeling a bit sore and I was wondering if I should lay off that exercise for a time. I guess the weakness has left the body.