shark fail

Before I’d even set the timer on my microwave I was starting to construct the framework for this post. It was going to be a riff off of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and how if my yoga practice had a theme this week it would be “How not to fall asleep on my mat” aka the yoga equivalent of a staycation. You know, the kind where you stay home in your pj’s all day watching Top Model or Top Chef marathons, only leaving the house for food, sunlight, Netflix deliveries and the other bare necessities of life.

But then I just started doing yoga – just conscious breathing, dwelling in the stillness, followed by gentle hip stretching, and it became this experience that my body needed. I was all set to belittle my efforts and then I simply allowed my body to loosen rather than trying to get my limbs and joints to stretch beyond where they’d stretched before.

I often find myself trying to get somewhere I’m not: richer, thinner, more successful, sexier, etc., but whether because of tiredness or what have you, it was a relaxing change of pace to just meet my body exactly where it was and not push the limits. Certainly that’s no way to go about life all the time. But in a daily yoga practice, a week of “yoga staycation” every few months is good for mind, body and soul.