Photo by: Pam Swayze

Photo by: Pam Swayze

I did 15 minutes of the Jeff dvd tonight and what I want to share is this. Last night I was in my being extraordinary seminar and Jerry was talking about the characteristics of an extraordinary person. One of the main ones is integrity: honoring your word, including doing what you said you would do regardless of the circumstances, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. It immediately brought to mind who I am about this yoga practice, and I was moved (almost to tears) by who I’ve been being and how I’ve been operating with regards to this.

I am rarely that generous with myself, and in a moment of pure presence I understood at a profound level the difference I make. I finally got that what I write each night is almost sprinkles on the cupcake….it’s that I write each night that’s worth noticing.

Chiarascuro Hibiscus.  Photo by: Pam Swayze

Chiarascuro Hibiscus. Photo by: Pam Swayze

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