Shiva Rea, Santorini, Greece.  Photo by: Daphne

Shiva Rea, Santorini, Greece. Photo by: Daphne

Today was an unusual practice. I did about 20 minutes of a vinyasa flow set from Shiva Rea’s dvd. It was fluid and intense. It started with lots of waving arms and wrists, not unlike amateur belly dancing or hippie twirling.

The next segment was a fluid sun salutation series that began on the mat and involved a lot of rolling the spine, pumping into up dog or cobra and back out to plank or down dog, then side plank, then regular plank and knee to the chest and extend the leg back and rotate the hip and bend the knee to open the hip fully and then back to plank sorta stuff. I were sweatin’ up a storm and had to take more than one breather.

Good stuff though, I could really feel just how tight my neck and shoulder girdle is by how restricted it felt during the free form vinyasa “twirling”. At the end, during shavasana, I noticed the clockwise rotation from my hips to my neck that I’m always surprised to see in pictures, or have had pointed out to me when a massage therapist has me lay down flat on my back.

As I lay there breathing, my neck slowly began to rotate to the left, as if out of a shadow and into the light. I felt a bit like a flower at dawn.