Atomium, Brussels, Belgium.  Photo by: Squonk11

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium. Photo by: Squonk11

All that’s running through my mind right now as I try to come up with a title for tonight’s post is “oh…think twice…it’s just another day for you and me in paradise,” which is a lyric from a not particularly great Phil Collins song called “In Too Deep”.

It means nothing other than the fact that for almost every sentence or phrase uttered in the English language, I have a pop lyric that floats to the top of my head. I spend large portions of my life suppressing the urge to respond to people in song. [“Your Song” by Elton John, currently being suppressed].

Anyhoo, not much to say about the yoga. I did a new set, the neck series, from JJ “I look just like Ripley from Alien” Gormley’s dvd. It’s a very mellow, stretchy practice that involved me improvising the belt from my robe as a strap. That and more tree pose, which I’ll be doing daily until the end of August, whether I mention it or not.

That’s all…now I’m off to watch more Ralph Fiennes movies. [Quiz Show and In Bruges are what’s on the menu.]