Photo by: Pam Swayze

Photo by: Pam Swayze

I say “All is well” as equal parts declaration, mantra and prayer. It’s my lasting impression of my practice tonight. That and the realization that I could declare the inquiry of this experiment fulfilled. I am not the same person I was on March 1st.

Doing a few minutes of yoga every day for however many days it’s been has certainly changed my life. I won’t detail the ways. But I will say that out of the discipline I’ve developed from honoring my word to doing yoga every day, no matter what, I find myself doing other things that I would normally squirm out of. [forgive the dangling preposition…it’s a blog post after all]

Just today, I was sitting at this very computer searching the ASU website for jobs to apply for (because that’s what I’d scheduled in my BlackBerry). I can’t tell you how many times I got up to go to the kitchen or stopped to check my messages, or play a game of brickbreaker or check my netflix queue.

I so didn’t want to deal with having to re-work my resume and write new cover letters and all the rest of it. After all, the deadline isn’t until Monday and I work well under deadline. But I eventually just ignored all the chatter and the physical urge to abandon my chair and just did what there was to do and applied for three positions. I guarantee you that would not have happened three months ago.

One more thing I’ve gotten, before I go. I am thoroughly enlivened by having a purpose. I am completely a mess and almost intolerable to myself (and others?) without one.

Before I had graduate school to look forward to, this brief practice was a worthy purpose. And I’ve been building from there. I’m happier and clearer than I’ve been in a while and I have a lot more room for my human foibles and compassion for others’ too. I still get worried about the future and wonder how (if) it’ll turn out. But truly, all is well.