“Become a mountain – a bridge between Heaven and Earth.” – Guru Jeff

I’ve been doing tree pose every day for the last week or so as a part of Operation DWI Ankle Repair and it’s already having an impact. I held tree pose for 30 or 40 seconds on my right leg and maybe 15 or so standing on the left IDWI ankle.

Today is today and no promise of tomorrow, but I find the difference in stability and balance remarkable. What’s also remarkable is how challenging just standing on one ankle is for my calves, IT Band and quads. I didn’t feel it as much today, but in days past, it’s been the fatigue of those muscles that’s been even more challenging that maintaining a semblance of balance.

Perhaps because I did them almost at the very end of my 30 minute practice tonight, but I didn’t feel that burn. I felt pretty solid right off the bat – very grounded and worry-free. Peaceful, if you will. So when guru Jeff uttered that quote about becoming a mountain, I totally got what he meant.
tree pose graphic