I feel super grounded and centered after my yoga practice tonight. My lower back has been a little pinched and owie feeling lately. To be more specific, the sacroiliac joint has just felt compressed. I also came home late from movie night after watching the most vapid and useless movie that thankfully starred a series of adorable labrador puppies and dogs.

I just got sidetracked in puppytopia looking for links to the little cuties, but I’m back. Anyhoo, I was hungry when I got home and feeling a little light-headed. I wasn’t really sure I had the energy to do the “next” 15+ minutes of guru Jeff’s dvd, but my inner something just told me that’s what I needed.

I figured the only way to find out was to do it (rather than speculate about what I could or couldn’t do).

Turns out it was great and just what the doctor ordered. Very centering. Created a bunch of space in my low back and around the entire sacrum and just what I needed. I am really loving this project/practice. I should listen to my self more often when I wake up and have random ideas out of the blue.

In case you missed it…