I sweat, therefore I must be doing something right. Tonight was the first night, that I recall anyway, since upping the ante to 15+ that I did a practice without DVD guidance. Hence the title, yoga salad. It was a little of this, a little of that and a bunch of my old favorite sun salutations, which i haven’t done in a while.

Riffing off Adrian’s comment from last night about what’s bubbling up that’s not quite distinguished and trying to put this project in some context in my life, here’s where I’m at. That what this project is about is a few things: 1) creating something just because I can and because I said, 2) honoring what I’ve created for no reason other than I said it’s something worth honoring 3) an exploration of what it means to practice something and 4) community, which has been the unexpected delight.

The more I practice this, the more I’m present to the opportunity of practice and this week as I’ve been practicing being racket-free, i.e. giving up being right, even when I am right, I’ve had a greater experience of peace of mind and freedom that I’ve had in a while.

The first thing required to practice being racket-free is noticing when you’re running a racket, playing the victim being my personal favorite. When I give up being a victim all that’s there is to actually be responsible for what’s happening or what I’m feeling and actually deal with what’s happening rather than my reaction to my reaction to what’s happening.

integrity rockAnd in that space of responsibility, a funny thing happened today, I was reminded of this well-worn phrase “without integrity, nothing works”. That’s when I started to confront the things that I’ve been putting off dealing with rather than complaining about why things weren’t the way I want them to be.

For instance, my wallet. It’s gone. Don’t know where it or the $80, all the cards, receipts and such that were in it are. Once I got over my “why me Lord?” moment and just got that that sucker is lost – on account of I can’t find it, I just started dealing. I went to the bank, canceled the cards, got a new driver’s license and social security card, all since yesterday.

While that may all seem normal to the average person, it normally would have taken me dayyys to do that and I would have been whining the entire way. Now that I’m basically done dealing with it, all that’s left to replace is the wallet itself and my blockbuster card. The $80 that I’m not getting back isn’t worth my peace of mind.

I used to think luck or talent were the key ingredients for success. I guess it’s not too late in life to realize that practice is the stuff of which abundance and dreams are fulfilled.