4034Cold Soul

And I don’t mean tennis. The assignment for the week in the Being Extraordinary Seminar includes being “racket-free”, which translates to practicing giving up “being right”, even when you actually are. It also means giving up my habit of being reflexively annoyed and staying that way. It’s actually been easier than I thought, though it’s only one day.

I’m also being very kind and forgiving with myself, another practice that helps when engaged in practice of any sort. Tonight, I didn’t feel like doing yoga AT ALL and was definitely into a big inner-whine and justification of how I could declare this to be my one night off during the year…and then I just gave up the drama and got my mat out, put in the JJ Gormley yoga for bleeders set and did the full 20 minute practice.

At the end of shavasana, when I was fully relaxed and heard the main titles theme music instead of her voice guiding me back, I got annoyed, but I was instantly reminded of an earlier post and complaint, then Adrian’s wise comment reminding me of my own words to “find my own way back”. I was annoyed for the space of about 5 seconds and then just let it go and did what I knew to do and didn’t need her to do for me anyway. Racket-free…so far so good.