“Honor yourself as you are in each moment.” – Jeff Martens

Did 25 minutes with guru Jeff tonight and I saw that it was good. Over the last few days since I’ve upped the amount of time, variety of routines and doing dvd routines, I’ve definitely noticed the difference. I can feel the slight stretch and ache in my muscles throughout the day. And I have this ridiculous brachialis muscle that’s out of control. My short-sleeved shirts can barely fit me as it is. Hammy arms run in my family. But hammy arms concealing muscled bits is making summer fashion a bit of a challenge.

These are what my friend Maggie would call “high-class” problems though, so I will cease and desist. It did dawn on me that if I continue at this rate, doing 20 or so minutes of yoga daily, I might move into the “physically active” category. And to think, I was a cupcake-addicted couch potato a mere 4 months ago.

Starting monday, I’m kicking my sugar habit cold-turkey. I shall do all final worshipping at the altar of refined sugar this weekend.