Just finished a little under 20 minutes of yoga with my new BFF JJ Gormley. I either did the “hip mobility” or “standing practice”. Either way, I feel sweaty and elongated, so I’m chalking it up as good. I do like the variety her dvd offers, and I’ve learned to get off it a lot more quickly about the lack of transitions or lead time.

That said, I do miss the wisdom of guru Jeff, so I’ll have to throw his dvd back in and just do a different part. I never fail to end one of his practices without a new spiritual insight. JJ, not so much.

However, just through the course of this practice and continuing to build on the results of the CPC Course, I’m starting to explore new possibilities and opportunities to design my life in ways that were simply not on the table a month ago. I’m still definitely in the formulation stages, but I’m reaching out, planting seeds and taking small steps, which is where all great journeys begin.

I say yes to the ups, the downs, the twists and turns, the uncertainty and the miracles. I am, after all, a woman who loves a roller coaster ride.