I’m not sure if it’s because I got off to an earlier start today than usual or if it’s because I was following a yoga dvd, but I did th first 18 mins of JJ Gormley’s Intermediate General Floor Practice today. I seem to do longer, more challenging practices when I’m in a class (obviously) or even following along to a dvd.

Though I usually have very little good to say about her dvd, one thing I will say, is that she’s very technical and does a very good job of emphasizing proper mechanics and how to get into and out of each pose.

I also noticed, that doing down dog, my left foot has been reluctant to plant itself on the ground of late, which was the case even tonight. Then we segued from down dog into triangle and I’m not sure what happened, but when we went back to down dog as the resting pose, my left foot was firmly planted on the floor. Was it the twist that caused the release? Who knows, but it was pretty remarkable to experience such a rapid and profound change in my range of motion.

The wonders of yoga never cease.