What to say. I just completed a simple, calming practice that was a great night cap to an incredible day. I finished the weekend portion of my Communication: Power To Create course tonight. One of the biggest things I’m creating out of being in the course is I am giving up looking inside my own head, my own (usually disempowering) thoughts for the answers, especially about what’s possible. I choose instead to listen to the people that love me and have a much bigger listening of me than is between my ears.

I’ve taken on being trusting, compassionate and fully in communication.
I’ve made a lot of messes, big and small and I’ve got a bunch of cleaning up to do, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle in community and in communication.

I also got the possibility of being in love and the experience being amazing, empowering and completely enchanting.

I am committed that this is not a temporary high and am formulating structures and PRACTICES to keep this new realm of possibility in existence. Thank you so much for your listening and support, particularly in supporting this project. It’s been a real lifeline for me and I’m very grateful for your love and generosity.

My life is in your hands.