yogis meditation

The short version of this post is thank god for Landmark Education. I just completed the first day of the Power To Create Course and the difference between how I walked in this morning and how I walked out tonight, is literally the difference between being deadened and alive.

It would take more time than I’m willing to give tonight to share fully what I got. But I do want to say that I’m at least clear now and can be responsible for why someone like me, who’s done a mountain of transformational work has been operating in the kind of mental cesspool that I have been. I stopped practicing. I stopped practicing the distinctions of transformation, possibility and enrollment and was offended when the results went right out the window too.

That’s becoming quite the theme. Practice. Practice. Practice. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have picked up that nugget so clearly without this practice that I’ve created. So tonight while doing my yoga practice to a little Nickel Creek, I found myself grateful for the discipline and integrity I’ve been developing with this daily practice, and humbled by how the universe provides.

Tonight in class I invented the possibility of being trusting: trusting in what people say and taking them at their word, trusting in the universe to provide, trusting in myself and trusting that a life full of dreams fulfilled is truly possible. How good am I willing to have it?