Budda,  Photo by: Sean McGrath

Buddha, Photo by: Sean McGrath

As I was watching my face and preparing to do my practice tonight, I had one of those brilliant self-deprecating thoughts along the lines of “omg. I have 262 posts left to do and probably about 5 good ones left in me…everyone stop reading now!..it’s for your own good, I tell you.’ Can you tell who may or may not have abandonment issues?

Anyhoo, after first putting in that woman’s terrible context-free yoga dvd and cursing up a blue streak like I was Junior Gotti, I decided to opt for trusted guru Jeff. And as usual, he delivered. Were I in a less verbose and more charitable mood, I would have skipped the preamble and simply written the following statement he made:

“Trust the Universe to take care of you. The answers are in the process.” – Jeff Martens, yoga guru/genie/genius