Lovers Leap,  St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica

Lovers' Leap, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica

I’m tempted to write a travelogue about my incredible day in Jamaica visiting my ancestral family land in St. Elizabeth on a hill overlooking the Caribbean, eating ripe mangoes picked from the tree, fresh fish caught and cooked that day with fresh coconut water and jelly to wash it down, while the sea lapped up the beach at a little place I’d never even heard of.

Truth be told, my yoga practice was as mundane as my day was extraordinary. I’m profoundly grateful to be here and almost embarrassed by my jet set unemployed lifestyle that I certainly don’t deserve.

My being here, though is a testament to opening my mouth and saying what I want. If I look back on my life, even this last lean year, I usually get what I really want. I should dare to be more demanding.