That’s how long I’m giving myself to do this post, because that’s when my microwave meal will be finished. I did tree pose, in which I was suprisingly stable on my right leg, a bit less so on my left. I haven’t done it in a while and I don’t feel grounded in life right now, but I’ll let the physical reality of standing like a tree win that argument for now. Also, did the warrior flow series from FitTv, which I love, because it’s both powerful and elegant.

Lastly, I gave crow pose another go ’round after watching the video again. Good news. I was able to get up and hold the pose for a couple breaths on two attempts and though I would not describe my pose as particularly powerful or elegant, it’s something fun to work on.

It turns out that in addition to just giving in to the bruisy pinchy feeling of my legs on my arms, a big missing from my previous attempt was looking straight out vs. looking down. Kinda like in skiing, though counter-intuitive, leaning back and looking down is a much riskier proposition than leaning downhill and looking straight ahead. Anyhoo, the microwave is beeping away and I still have to find a picture…so I’m audi.