Mallard (and Alien Face?) X-ray

Mallard (and Alien Face?) X-ray

*Exhales* I just did about a 20+ minute accompaniment to a new section of guru Jeff’s video, which was a lot of the warrior series, down dog, flying cobra and some of those deep lungey twists that squooshed my love handles before. I also just focused on my breathing, being present and connecting through prayer.

I am in rut city and I just need out. Jeff said something about focusing on the experience rather than labeling the experience and then focusing on the label. I’m going to ruminate on that for a while.

I also had a light bulb go off during my practice tonight. A couple of my favorite Jamaicanisms are “one one drop fill bucket” and “every mickle mek a muckle” which are both ways of saying that doing a little bit consistently over time adds up to something that eventually makes a big difference.

That is certainly a lesson of this practice. It’s incredible the difference that this simple 5-15 minute practice has made in such a short time. If I applied that to the other challenges that right now, seem too big to tackle all at once, who knows what might be possible.

By the way, the random blog title is because I find it hilarious and bizzare that the top searches for my blog are:

“alien face, columbine, ufo sightings alien face, jamie bamber, ufo alien”

Jamie Bamber, I get, but alien face?

Resistance is, indeed, futile.