And you thought last night’s post was early. It’s not even 7p yet and I’m typing away. Ignore the fact that I have nothing interesting to say. I will compensate with pretty pictures and music. Do note that I was almost felled by several sharp bursts of sciatic pain today.

Getting ready to kick back into downward dog only to feel your right butt cheek quit midway is not a good feeling people. But I’m a trooper, so I toughed it out. Part of me, I imagine the not so well part that is kind of amused by my own super toxic farts, was kinda enjoying the suspense, wondering when next my right ass cheek was going to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming.

However, aside from a slightly hazardous moment that kept me half way between warrior 2 and triangle, the sciatica was more smoke than fire. I spent a good amount of time in shavasana using ideokinesis to attempt to melt away the tension, which seems to have helped a little. I can feel a little bit of warmth there near the sacroiliac joint that I’m telling myself is the fascia releasing.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. Now I’m going to dig through my pile of unfolded laundry (it still hasn’t learned to fold itself) where hopefully I will find something suitable to wear to a luau.