"All Along The Watchtower" painting by Adam Sancer

This is the first night since doing this that I don’t know how many minutes of yoga I did, except that it was definitely more than five. That’s because this is the first night that I didn’t start out by looking at the clock on the microwave and figuring out just how little I could do and still be legit. That’s new.

That’s how I do a lot of life. I figure out what score I need to make it (grades, dollars, pages in a book, miles to the next town) and do just that or maybe a little more if I want to impress myself or someone else. I am rarely pushing the envelope, much less myself just for the sake of what’s possible. I fear I don’t have the energy/talent/discipline/je ne sais quoi to sustain the effort, so I rarely try.

I’m counting not watching the clock as a victory tonight and focusing on that rather than the big plans I had for a courageous and productive day, nary a one of which was accomplished. Another habit. Something is shifting though, maybe not how I want it to shift and certainly not in the way I think it should look. But there’s something happening here. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, fyi, my foxglove didn’t make it. Too much sun, too little water. It’s not cut out for Phoenix summers (like me). RIP.

My Foxglove.  Photo by Karen Ussery

My Foxglove. Photo by Karen Ussery