Fiber Model of Left Hemisphere; Neural Tractography

Fiber Model of Left Hemisphere; Neural Tractography

I’m starting to have the experience of momentum with my yoga practice. They’re starting to really build upon each other and beginning to inform me positively at the level of my subconscious.

I did an awesome 17 minutes tonight. My conscious mind was ready to tap out at 8 minutes, but something else (my higher self?, my body?) just kept going until it (I) was finished with what was needed. My neck, which has been tight, needed the extra few minutes I hadn’t planned to spend doing rolls ups, stretching and shavasana.

It feels like I’m developing new neural pathways that might be labeled “yoga is good” or “I look forward to invigorating exercise”, possibly even “i’m gonna exercise more because I like the way it makes me feel”….

This is change I can believe in.

And while we’re feeling all good…Jamie Bamber….whose insanely fit bod has certainly helped to inspire an extra crunch or two.

jamie smiling