pretty flowers
I just did a 30+ minute segment from that DVD that I hate and it was good. I did one of the intermediate practices – the Challenge: Arms & Abs, because I didn’t want to fall into an MA rut. An MA rut is getting into a habit of doing the minimum acceptable and having more boring posts (and a life) about how amazing it is that I just squeaked by.

Once I gave up that her beginnings are so abrupt that I don’t even have time to get down on the mat before she’s doing the first thing, I got going and just kept going to see how it went. I was all happy by the time we got to shavasana, which I love, feeling my whole body melting, eyes soft and releasing, having fleeting thoughts like “hey,this DVD isn’t so bad after all.”

So I’m at full relaxation and next thing I know I hear the dvd main screen music again. She guides you through this awesome meditation sequence till you’re just all puddly goo and then just leaves you there. No “wiggle your toes, feet hands, slowly open your eyes and return to consciousness”….none o’ that. Just fade out back to the main menu like girlfriend had a plane to catch. Find your own way back. Her job was done.

Anyhoo, it was still a breakthru practice in terms of doing the yoga for the sake of the yoga and not to meet some measurement. Plus I did some poses I hadn’t done recently, like dolphin pose and some back bends from the cobra series. I’ll try her again before this is over, I’m sure.