Sunset over the Pacific taken by an Astronaught on the ISS

Sunset over the Pacific taken by an Astronaught on the ISS

The final frontier. Not exactly, but I did about 15 minutes tonight of guru Jeff’s dvd and he said something about needing to clear out space to blah blah…something profound. I just went back to the dvd to find exactly what he said and instead for the first time, saw this quote in the title sequence: “Whatever you love, you shall become.” – Rumi (I guess it’s quote week on AYoDY)

Holy crap! I think that means I’m either going to turn into a cupcake, Whitney Houston’s voice, Paris, the smell of the ocean, sunny days, water or my mother.

I’m going to allow that detour to be the post for tonight. Except to add that the 15 minutes of listening to my breath and moving my body were very centering tonight. I had a meltdown yesterday and it felt like complete crap while I was melting down and it hardly seemed worth expressing the tears, anguish and despair about the future.

I slept poorly and little last night (this morning more like), but rather than the acute sense of sadness and general suckage, I have had the experience today of being a bit blank. In a good way, like the space I think Jeff was talking about. It’s not the end of the road, but it’s a start.

And lastly, I read earlier today that Sade is in the studio working on a new album. There was a link to some of her classics. I had forgotten how good she is.