Tonight was another first for the project. At my dear friend Gia’s invitation, I went to an actual 90 minute yoga class at a real live yoga studio, with a real live instructor. It’s called gravity center yoga on 16th and Bethany Home and for a while there I was sure I’d make it all the way through. That was about 15 minutes in when we were doing two sets of 50 reverse crunches followed by bridge with leg extension.

Many a curse word was uttered plus some flailing and momentary exasperation/quitting. But Erica diCaro, the owner/instructor stuck with me and I stuck it out. I really, though, have a very low tolerance for pain or even being uncomfortable and would have walked out after 20 minutes had my mother not done such a fine job of raising me.

By the time we were doing warrior II lunges, with Erica imploring me to spread my legs further apart, bend my knee further and drop my sits bone toward the mat, my legs were literally trembling and it took all my will to hold the pose until the end. When after that last trembling pose she said to prepare for shavasana, I couldn’t believe we were already over, and I was so relieved.

I felt a little wobbly-legged walking to the car and I can only imagine how my hamstrings and other assorted muscles will be feeling tomorrow. Good stuff though. I’d do it again.

Ohh…at the very end after we were completely done, I asked her to watch me do my sun sal routine to check my posture and for tips, corrections etc…and I got more than I bargained for. There’s a whole section I’ve been missing apparently and some other tips to make the whole thing more efficient. I’ll be incorporating those as well.

The journey continues. d