Sculpture by Jan Smaga.  Incidentally "Table Pose"
Today I have a bunch of jumbled thoughts that I want to turn into coherent thoughts that are also lovely to read, but my eyelids are growing heavy and I want to go watch BSG. But briefly, staccato, here are a few things.

I was damn near psychic at the baseball game today. I called a homerun. I had a feeling that things would go poorly when they were looking ok and they went poorly. I had a premonition that the score was going to be 4-1 and not 3 pitches later it was.

Then in the 7th inning when all seemed lost for the D-backs and half the already half empty stadium was picking up to leave, I turned to my buddy Mitch and said, “I just got a feeling called ‘comeback'”. My conscious mind was hardly even willing to own the declaration 20 minutes later when the Dbacks scored a run to cut the lead to 2. I was willing to settle for and argued the semantics of being vindicated by the mere fact of their “staging a comeback.”

Before I know it, there’s 2 out in the bottom of the 9th and this kid Upton, who we’ve been mocking all game for having lots of “potential”, jacks one over the fence in right field with a guy on first and the game is tied. Highly unpredictable given how poorly they’ve been playing and then when I was on a preliminary interview about a possible job, they went ahead and won the game in extra innings.

Why’d I say all that? Because I was just tuned in today, and I’m fairly certain it all started this morning with tuning in and asking to be guided. Now, I wasn’t expecting it to come so heavily in the form of baseball intuition, but that is what I had planned for the day. That and the phone call, which went fairly well and is “to be continued.”

When I got home later in the day, I decided today would be a good day to play the lottery…so I bought 2 quik piks and 3 $1 scratch offs. I won $3 off the scratch offs and was going to re-invest in more lotto tix, but the word from on high was no, keep the $… that I’ve got a couple winning lotto tix. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

During yoga tonight, I just kept the channel on and tuned into a very intuitive flow that mostly consisted of twists and pigeon pose (a first for this project), held for a long time, just allowing the spaces, particularly my hips/pelvis to open up. Way cool.

The last thing I wanted to add, was that I heard a great quote today from an interview with Malcolm Gladwell on Fareed Zakaria‘s excellent CNN show, GPS. It speaks to my recent post about a longing for discipline and its cohorts passion and talent, which I usually relate to rather romantically as innate. In this interview based on his book, Outliers, Mr. Gladwell completely demystifies my romantic notions by distinguishing talent as simply as the “desire to practice.”


p.s. I highly recommend you click on the image and click through to the site where I got the picture from. There’s amazing art and imagery on there.