This is the "Hollywood" version of my yoga venue
We have a first here…two actually – daytime yoga and outdoor yoga. I did my daily yoga practice in conjunction with a little meditation practice that I did outside in a lovely neighborhood park here on the wiggedy wiggedy West Side.

Sun salutations underneath a shady tree, in my bare feet, with the sun high overhead. I don’t know if it was because I was outdoors or the sponginess of the ground or the extra Earth Day juice, but I did sun salutations straight like there was gonna be a tax hike tomorrow. It was awesome actually being able to peek at the sun through the branches while I was doing them.

Also, inspiration flowed during my meditation/yoga. I came up with the following idea that has SELP project/ it takes a village written all over it. I’m putting it out to my faithful readers for your input and contribution. Here’s the idea: to organize a project/program to teach yoga to under-privileged or at risk youth.

They don’t even need to be that at risk…just kids whose parents might not ordinarily introduce them to the magic of yoga. I’d love it if it could be combined with a Cupcake Mission fundraiser to raise money to actually defray the costs for the space, yoga instructor and maybe even do a multi-week after school series. Your feedback, ideas, etc. are welcomed.

Happy Earth Day (Whatever that means)