How quick the sun can drop away...

" How quick the sun can drop away... "

The title is a double entendre that was not intended until after I wrote it. I’ve been feeling a bit off kilter the past couple days…probably has to do with new uncertainty around my Census gig and accompanying paycheck, of which I was becoming so fond.

I was making plans for the future with it, thinking about gardening, landscaping, clothes, planning dates. I was starting to feel like my paycheck and I were moving towards a committed relationship. Then like a lousy new boyfriend, I get word from Uncle Sam that things are moving too quickly for him and he wants to take a break for right now….but don’t worry he’ll call me soon, if I’m just patient.

So I knew I needed the additional support of my guru Jeff to have a productive practice tonight. And he never fails. There were several things he said that I tried to make a mental note of, but that doesn’t work so well when I’m working at being present….so I’ll just leave you with what I’m left with.

I’m left with a feeling of being grounded, rooted and of a moment, but with a future uncertain. I’d like to say I’m empowered by the uncertainty, for that would in fact sound grand. But I’m not. I’m just a little exhausted from 2 years of uncertainty and wouldn’t mind in the least being whisked away on a magic carpet to a fantasy land fully of sexy Irish men with velvet voices and gorgeous eyes.

Hmmm….maybe I’ll go to Ireland next (and pray for sunshine).