Quick post tonight. Just got through doing about 10 minutes of yoga focused on relieving some of the tension in my lower back, with a few sun salutations thrown in just ’cause I love ’em.

Saw a number of haggard looking feral cats today, one curled up in a pot-bellied planter, another on a high wall and several darting from hidden flops as I passed.

I also did battle with a lizard that was on an entry way wall. I kicked after it, then like some urban cowboy said “you fucker! git!”. It obligingly scurried off so that I could take my rightful place in the entryway. Gia would say that’s a yoga-induced victory. I have no evidence to the contrary, so why argue.

I have noticed though that pigeons are not suffering at all during this recession. In fact, in some areas it’s pigeontopia out there. My heart goes out to the people whose homes are chosen seemingly at random, for pigeon conventions and latrines.

Here is a clip from “Winged Migration” featuring some of the more magnificent members of the avian family.